Saturday, November 27, 2010

Michael Jordan Responds to LeBron James With New Commercial

LeBron James has plenty of enemies over the past four months thanks to his move from Cleveland to South Beach. He only increased the number of people who hated him when James recorded the "What Should I do?" commercial for Nike. In the commercial LeBron took shots at everyone from his critics, the fans, and Charles Barkley, as he tried to pass the buck and explain why he made the move he did.

One other person LeBron took a shot at in his new commercial was Michael Jordan. The man who LeBron has attempted to model his entire career after (both on and off the court). For those of us who grew up watching and studying Michael Jordan, we all know that at the core of it all Jordan is a fierce competitor. He hates to lose, and he will hold a grudge till the bitter end. If you don't believe me just give a listen to Jordan's Hall of Fame acceptance speech where he took shots at everyone, and that was 10 years after he left to game.

With LeBron's latest commercial he has officially pulled on Superman's cape, and finally Superman is ready to respond. Despite the fact that both men are inked to Nike deals Jordan was able to use his influence to create his own response to LeBron James. What Jordan and the creative team came up with was pure gold, and a commercial that will surely have plenty of people talking in the upcoming days.



  1. Anonymous2:43 PM

    I have a feeling Sir Charles has something to say about all of this...

  2. Anonymous2:49 PM

    I think you're right. Wait till next week with Chuck Wagon gets back on air, he will let his opinion be known I'm sure.

  3. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Do people not get that the MJ commercial was created BEFORE the Lebron commercial? like 2 years before? It is not Michael Jordan's response.... come on people.