Thursday, November 06, 2014

Adult Film Star Will Grant Favors to the Lakers

The LA Lakers are off to a historically bad start, and not just by their standards.  As of today, the Lakers are 0-5 and show no real signs of life, other than Kobe Bryant tossing up 37 shots last night, which is a feat in itself.

However, not everyone has jumped off the Lakers bandwagon.  They still have one super fan who is willing to go to any length to see her team succeed. 

Adult Film star Sadie Santana took to Twitter last night and made a bold claim, and one can only assume she is willing to back it up.

So that happened, and kudos to Sadie Santana for making sure she got her name out into the mainstream but tagging TMZ in the midst of offering up her lofty promise. 

So maybe that can motivate a few of the Lakers, but I think it may take a bit more than the excitement of oral favors to get this team over 47 wins. 

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Adrian Peterson Pleads No Contest

Finally a ruling has come down in the case of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson  on the charges of child abuse.  It appears that Peterson will plead no contest, and thus take a lesser charge and punishment.  

It looks like Peterson will face 80 hours of community service, and a hefty fine, but he will avoid jail time and a drawn out trial.  From a PR standpoint this is probably the best case scenario for the Vikings running back.  However, the overall damage to his image is already done.  

With the NFL trade deadline past, the major question becomes what will the Minnesota Vikings do with the ultra talented Peterson who is without a doubt damaged goods in the public's eyes.

Walker's Rants: Post All Blacks vs. US Eagles

It's been a wild week for us here at Walker Sports.  The majority of the staff traveled north to Chicago to check out the USA Eagles take on the New Zealand All Blacks, and what an event that was.

Live rugby in a full stadium trumps football any day. If only because even in a blowout game in the freezing cold, you're only outside for less than 2 hours...

Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones, cut from the same cloth...

Walking on a tightrope over 2 buildings in windy Chicago, is an  athletic feat, but it doesn't make you an athlete...

Proud of the Eagles and the 62,000 who stood tall in support on Saturday...

Can Mike London just be fired already?  

Kobe Bryant will not be traded, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't be traded...

The NFC East does not deserve a playoff spot...

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Chevy Guy Owns the Worlds Series, and Madison Bumgarner

So Madison Bumgarner has the best World Series that I can remember watching.  He managed to take me from cheering for the Royals, to wanting to see him complete the task of earning three wins in a seven game series.

However, when Chevrolet executive Rikk Wilde came to the podium to present Bumgarner with his new car for being the World Series MVP, that's when the drama kicked into high gear.  Clearly Wilde has not spent much time on live television, or any television for that matter.  

Perhaps the only thing better than Wilde's performance is the baffled look on Bud Selig's face throughout. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Justin Brant Will Not Be Punish for Date with Porn Star Lisa Ann

In one of the stranger bits of news we get to cover here at Walker Sports, it appears that Notre Dame star Justin Brant has kindled a relationship with Lisa Ann, who you may know from her work in "Sexual Divas" or "MILFS Illustrated 2."

The couple was discovered after Ann posted a picture to her Instagram account, of the two at a Knicks game last week.  Making matters more scandalous, a picture of the two cuddled up in bed also hit the internet on Sunday, and has been making the rounds since then. 

Notre Dame being a good Catholic school has a conduct policy, that frowns upon premartial sexual relations.  More importantly, the image of Notre Dame, and it's famed football program typical frown upon their players stepping out with members from the adult film world, at least while they are still enrolled in school. 

However, Brant sat down with ND head coach Brian Kelly, and he told his side of the story. Either Kelly was proud, or simply did not care because he gave Brant the green light to suit up this weekend and play without worry.  Most likely this is due to the fact that outside of the two seeming very coozy there is no proof they have any sort of actual sexual relationship. 

One thing Justin Brant may want to watch out for is showing up court side to any NBA game no matter who is on his arm.  Look no further than Johnny Manzel to learn the NCAA tends to not like that, and you can find yourself under another bright light of scrutiny.  


First Pictures from the All Blacks Training Session in Chicago

The New Zealand All Blacks are on the ground and working in Chicago.  Yesterday they took part in their first organized activities on the field, as they trained at the Chicago Blaze training facilities.  The first part of the session was open to the public but no photographs were allowed.  This was the more intense session, and the All Blacks worked on installing their game plan.  The second half of the session saw the All Blacks showcasing a looser side, as they worked through some agility work, and enjoyed an unseasonably

warm day in Chicago.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Conrad Smith and Charles Piutau Sit Down for a Press Conference

A special shout out goes to the best rugby photographer in America, Ms. Janet Young, who is in Chicago early this week ahead of the historic clash between the U.S. Eagles, and the All Blacks.  She was present at the press conference yesterday where AB stars Conrad Smith and Charles Piutau sat down to discuss their expectation.

Our good friends over at This Is American Rugby have the full interview available for you to listen to.  Check it out

Monday, October 27, 2014

Walker's Rants, England Does Not Want Our Brand of Footbal

We're back in action for another week. The World Series are in full swing, the NFL and College football season are heating up as they reach their mid-way points, and college and NBA basketball is just around the corner.  In short, there's plenty going around for us to hate on, so let's get to it. Walker's Rants are a go...

If we continue to ship crappy teams to England to play NFL games, the English will stop coming out...

The Atlanta Falcon fans in Atlanta don't want to watch the Hawks why would a non football fan want to see that disaster train?

Fire Mike London...

The New Zealand All Blacks will be in Chicago to take on the U.S. Eagles, make no mistake this is an historic occasion, and Walker Sports will be there to catch every minute...

Can't believe I dared t bet against Les Miles in the Swamp...

I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Cowboys drop a game to the Burgundy and Gold on Monday...

I'd like to thank the select few from the Seattle Seahawks locker room, for continuing to keep blacks in the U.S. a marginalized people thanks to ignorance...

I want to thank the Arkansas State coaching staff for providing me with two of the best fake punts I've ever seen...

Got that feeling Kobe Bryant is gonna have a monster year on 1 leg...

Refuse to fully buy into the Cowboys, something stupid will happen, just wait and see...

If Marshawn Lynch's days in Seattle are numbered, it wouldn't be the worse case scenario for the Seahawks.  Chances are he was due for a major decline in production next year anyways...

Joe Madden has to get a job in baseball next year right?

So the Royals and the Giants are putting on a World Series for the ages, but no one is watching, so does it even count?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Former Staind Front Man Butchers the National Anthem

While few people walk around listening to or playing our countries national anthem, it is still prized by most of us.  And when performed before a major sporting event, it can be truly epic when sung by the right person. 

FYI Aaron Lewis of Staind is not the right person.  

A special shout out to our friends over at Deadspin who found this and do it justice by breaking down the absurdity of the situation.   I mean he didn't even make it 20 seconds before he screwed everything up.