Thursday, October 30, 2014

Chevy Guy Owns the Worlds Series, and Madison Bumgarner

So Madison Bumgarner has the best World Series that I can remember watching.  He managed to take me from cheering for the Royals, to wanting to see him complete the task of earning three wins in a seven game series.

However, when Chevrolet executive Rikk Wilde came to the podium to present Bumgarner with his new car for being the World Series MVP, that's when the drama kicked into high gear.  Clearly Wilde has not spent much time on live television, or any television for that matter.  

Perhaps the only thing better than Wilde's performance is the baffled look on Bud Selig's face throughout. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Justin Brant Will Not Be Punish for Date with Porn Star Lisa Ann

In one of the stranger bits of news we get to cover here at Walker Sports, it appears that Notre Dame star Justin Brant has kindled a relationship with Lisa Ann, who you may know from her work in "Sexual Divas" or "MILFS Illustrated 2."

The couple was discovered after Ann posted a picture to her Instagram account, of the two at a Knicks game last week.  Making matters more scandalous, a picture of the two cuddled up in bed also hit the internet on Sunday, and has been making the rounds since then. 

Notre Dame being a good Catholic school has a conduct policy, that frowns upon premartial sexual relations.  More importantly, the image of Notre Dame, and it's famed football program typical frown upon their players stepping out with members from the adult film world, at least while they are still enrolled in school. 

However, Brant sat down with ND head coach Brian Kelly, and he told his side of the story. Either Kelly was proud, or simply did not care because he gave Brant the green light to suit up this weekend and play without worry.  Most likely this is due to the fact that outside of the two seeming very coozy there is no proof they have any sort of actual sexual relationship. 

One thing Justin Brant may want to watch out for is showing up court side to any NBA game no matter who is on his arm.  Look no further than Johnny Manzel to learn the NCAA tends to not like that, and you can find yourself under another bright light of scrutiny.  


First Pictures from the All Blacks Training Session in Chicago

The New Zealand All Blacks are on the ground and working in Chicago.  Yesterday they took part in their first organized activities on the field, as they trained at the Chicago Blaze training facilities.  The first part of the session was open to the public but no photographs were allowed.  This was the more intense session, and the All Blacks worked on installing their game plan.  The second half of the session saw the All Blacks showcasing a looser side, as they worked through some agility work, and enjoyed an unseasonably

warm day in Chicago.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Conrad Smith and Charles Piutau Sit Down for a Press Conference

A special shout out goes to the best rugby photographer in America, Ms. Janet Young, who is in Chicago early this week ahead of the historic clash between the U.S. Eagles, and the All Blacks.  She was present at the press conference yesterday where AB stars Conrad Smith and Charles Piutau sat down to discuss their expectation.

Our good friends over at This Is American Rugby have the full interview available for you to listen to.  Check it out

Monday, October 27, 2014

Walker's Rants, England Does Not Want Our Brand of Footbal

We're back in action for another week. The World Series are in full swing, the NFL and College football season are heating up as they reach their mid-way points, and college and NBA basketball is just around the corner.  In short, there's plenty going around for us to hate on, so let's get to it. Walker's Rants are a go...

If we continue to ship crappy teams to England to play NFL games, the English will stop coming out...

The Atlanta Falcon fans in Atlanta don't want to watch the Hawks why would a non football fan want to see that disaster train?

Fire Mike London...

The New Zealand All Blacks will be in Chicago to take on the U.S. Eagles, make no mistake this is an historic occasion, and Walker Sports will be there to catch every minute...

Can't believe I dared t bet against Les Miles in the Swamp...

I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Cowboys drop a game to the Burgundy and Gold on Monday...

I'd like to thank the select few from the Seattle Seahawks locker room, for continuing to keep blacks in the U.S. a marginalized people thanks to ignorance...

I want to thank the Arkansas State coaching staff for providing me with two of the best fake punts I've ever seen...

Got that feeling Kobe Bryant is gonna have a monster year on 1 leg...

Refuse to fully buy into the Cowboys, something stupid will happen, just wait and see...

If Marshawn Lynch's days in Seattle are numbered, it wouldn't be the worse case scenario for the Seahawks.  Chances are he was due for a major decline in production next year anyways...

Joe Madden has to get a job in baseball next year right?

So the Royals and the Giants are putting on a World Series for the ages, but no one is watching, so does it even count?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Former Staind Front Man Butchers the National Anthem

While few people walk around listening to or playing our countries national anthem, it is still prized by most of us.  And when performed before a major sporting event, it can be truly epic when sung by the right person. 

FYI Aaron Lewis of Staind is not the right person.  

A special shout out to our friends over at Deadspin who found this and do it justice by breaking down the absurdity of the situation.   I mean he didn't even make it 20 seconds before he screwed everything up. 

Percy Harvin with the Worse Kick Return Ever

Well Sammy Watkins is now off the hook, thanks to Percy Harvin, and what may be the dumbest kick return of all time.  Not often you get two complete boneheaded plays in a weekend, more-or-less in the same game. But here you go.

Josh Childress Loses His Mind and Gets Ejected from an Aussie League Basketball Game

So I'll admit I never thought we would write about Josh Childress again.  To be fair, I'm not sure we ever wrote about Josh Childress on Walker Sports.  In case you forgot who Josh Childress is, he was the lanky swingman from Stanford, bounced around the NBA a bit.  Ended up with a few good seasons with the Atlanta Hawks.  He's probably best known for the bad Afro he rocked.

Anyways, it appears that Childress is plying his basketball trade down under in Australia and playing for Sydney Kings in the Australian Basketball League.  He also apparently found an attitude and some swag about him while down under as well, as the player from the Perth Hawks found out after setting a hard but legal pick on Childres sin the paint. 

If h was hard like that back with the Hawks maybe he could have stuck around the NBA a bit longer.

Sammy Watkins With the Boneheaded Play for the Bills

You would think any one who plays for the Buffalo Bills would know of Don Beebe and  to never quit on a play.  Apparently current Bill Sammy Watkins missed that lesson, and he is chased down while showboating, and blows what should have been an easy touchdown.
Sammy Watkins showboats too early, gets tackled #bills in Fake Sports Center's Hangs on LockerDome

You Have to See this Lou Holtz Vine

This one came across my desk earlier today, and it was too good to pass up.  Here at Walker Sports we love talking about Lou Holtz, and it's not because we are Domers.  We just love performing Lou Holtz impersonations.

Well Saturday while on set at ESPN, Holtz finally crossed the line between college football commentator, and Famer Dan from the Waterboy. 

NFL Sunday Lock Picks.

For anyone who knows us here at Walker Sports, you know we love to talk gambling, especially when it comes to football.  Thus far this year we've been on a tear.  Yesterday was 2-1 on the day in the NCAA. With UVA under 65, Georgia Tech +4 and then missed on Ole Miss, -3 damn Les Miles in the Swamp and those fourth quarter comebacks.

Looking ahead to the rest of the schedule in the NFL today, I'm not too crazy about what I see but I will give you these lock picks.

Give me the Philadelphia Eagles +3 down in Arizona, 

I'm digging Green Bay +1.

And as a wildcard take the Pittsburgh Steelers and the money line against the Colts who are a 4 point favorite. 

That's what I'm looking at for today. 

Game Day Eats:Up Early for the NFL

We're here for another Sunday Funday, and thanks to the NFL playing in London, we are up early and rocking and rolling here at the Walker Sports Complex.  So of course the early start means, we are kicking things off with some breakfast dishes. I mean who doesn't like breakfast? 

For starters we went a little sweet and a lot decadent and made some Pan Perdu.  You can get the basic recipe here thanks to Ina Garten and the Food Network.  For those of you who don't know, when you think of Pan Perdu think of French Toast kicked up a notch with more flavor and some awesome fruit.

Once dinner time rolls around we will be feasting on Crock Pot Balsamic Pork Loin.  You can find the recipe here.   Without a doubt this is a solid meal for sure.  I like to kick up the flavor a bit and add a pinch of salt, some crushed fennel seeds, and fresh cracked black pepper in addition to what's listed in the recipe.  Also don't be afraid to go a bit heavy on the balsamic.  

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mile Miller Trolls Lebron James at Cavs Game

The NBA season is just a few weeks away from getting started. And many teams are making tours around their local markets playing exhibition games and rallying their fan bases for the upcoming season.  The Cleveland Cavaliers are all too happy to showcase their biggest off season acquisition with Lebron James back in the mix. 

Last week the Cavs were in Cincinnati taking on the Pacers, and last night the Cavs traveled back down I-71 to Columbus Ohio.  Upon taking the court, King James received a standing ovation.  That is until we realized it was Mike Miller who the crowd really wanted to see, or at least that's what Miller would want us to think.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Soccer Player Fails at Executing the RKO

So if you're on Facebook you've seen the Vines of WWE wrestler Randy Orton hitting his finisher the RKO on an array of people.  This past weekend, one soccer player attempted to up his Randy Orton RKO game, he he just proved why soccer players aren't very good athletes

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Clever Shirt in the Royals Clubhouse

So the Kansas City Royals are on a tear in the ALCS. Last night they retired the final 16 batters to take a commanding 3-0 lead over the Baltimore Orioles.  It seems that the team of destiny, is not only filling that destiny, they're starting to talk some smack while doing it.

While I'l admit to be an O's fan living here in the DMV, sorry Nats the O's were here first.  I have to admit this is a pretty clever shirt, and I'd buy one if I was a KC fan.  

Monday, October 13, 2014

Walker's Rants: Don't Call it a Comeback

Yea I know we're back at this whole blogging thing and giving it ago.  It's been a while and the game has changed a bit, but we still now how to hold it down here are Walker Sports.  Make no mistake about that. 

Now let's see if we remember how to do this, Walker's Rants are a go...

The Cowboys are legit as of now 10/13 but that doesn't mean it will last into the new year...

Who told the Browns they were allowed to be good? Someone Free Johnny Manziel...

Quietly the Chargers are putting together a great season thanks to a lax schedule. But don't worry they'll find a way to bow out in the first round...

Mississippi State is legit, but they will go as far as Dak will take them... shocker I know right?

I'd like to welcome Perry Speedstick Baker to the USA Sevens squad, way to make Tiger, and 1823 proud...

So the NBA season is coming back around and I haven't heard one person mention the defending champs.  Guess that's just how Pops likes it...

I actually feel sorry for Lovie Smith...

When Peyton throws his record setting TD pass does it actually change your perception of him?

Dan Snyder is still a dick...

I find it fascinating that as pass happy as the NFL currently is, the overall all best teams feature a strong running game...

Happy Birthday and congratulations to Zach Test for picking up try 100 on his stellar 7s career...

Jamis Winston will leave FSU before the end of the week,and pursue a mediocre NFL career...


Arizona Kicker Misses Game Winner, But has the Perfect Flop

The Arizona Wildcats are a week removed from their biggest win in the Rich Rod era, and they followed things up with a dud on Saturday against a bi-polar USC team.  Both PAC 12 teams are struggling to figure out exactly who they are, and what they do, and as the season plays out either could find themselves in the drivers seat of the PAC 12 South. 

One thing that will not help the Wildcats cause is missing game winning field goals.  What will not help the cause of all kickers claiming to be athletes is this epic flop he executed after missing the important field goal. 

Mississippi State Jumps to No. 1 in Both Polls

They weren't on anyone's radar five weeks ago, but thanks to impressive outings the past two weekends, everyone knows who Mississippi State is today, as they leapfrogged Florida State to take over the top spot in the AP and Coaches Poll.  

The Bulldogs began the season unranked and among 10 teams receiving consideration votes.  Since that time they've knocked off a host of ranked teams in spectacular fashion and set the record for fastest ascension to No. 1 in the polls.

Marquee victories for Mississippi State, include blowing out LSU in Death Valley. This was followed up by going the road the next week and defeating Texas A&M. The Bulldogs finished off the impressive three week stretch by knocking off then No. 2 ranked Auburn.  Needless to say it's been a productive few weeks for the Bulldogs. 

While I'm sure the boys will enjoy the No.1 ranking for now, they must remained focused with a loaded back half of the schedule that includes, Kentucky, Alabama and Ole Miss, there's still plenty of battles left to fight, not to mention the potential of an SEC title game. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Game Day Eats: Fall is Here, Break Out the Slow Cooker

Fall has finally rolled into the the Mid-Atlantic area, and the temperatures are slowly dropping.  Finally it feels like football weather. That means it's the perfect time to break out the slow cooker, and make some down home feel good food. 

Today we are keeping it simple and cooking up some Sausage, Greens, and Beans.  Yup it's really that simple, don't believe us? Check out the recipe here.

We did make a few adjustments to the original recipe.  We're cooking with Dinosaur Kale.  Yeah crazy name and to be honest it looks a bit crazy as well. But Dinosaur Kale is perfect for meals like this because it's hardy and can hold up to the long cooking process. 

We're also using some Greed Chard as well.  Thanks our vegetable share we have an abundance of various greens and this meal makes use of a lot of them which is a good thing. 

Finally we went with an Andouille Sausage from the local butcher Meat on the Avenue.  These are naturally cased, and have a bit of  kick to them. 

Of course all of these is being served with a nice selection of Pumpkin and a few early season stout beers.  

Kentucky's Javess Blue Makes an Impressive One Handed Catch

Check out this phenomenal one handed snag by Kentucky's Javess Blue

Friday, October 10, 2014

Katy Perry To Perform at the Super Bowl

It's official, get ready football fans you'll be seeing more Katy Perry in 2015.  It's being confirmed that Perry will be the headlining act for the halftime show for this year's Super Bowl.  It looks like her appearance this past week in Oxford Mississippi on ESPN's College Gameday was just a warm up.

Who's ready for some football?

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Nats Toss Away Golden Opportunity and Lose Series to Giants

the 2014 season was supposed to be a special one for the Washington Nationals.  Best in the NL East, tops in the NL, and then it all came crashing down when the bats went silent during the NLDS.  The Giants held the Nats to a .179 batting average, I don't care how good your pitching staff is, it's tough to win games that way.

However, despite all that, the Nats still had a chance on Tuesday night thanks to Bryce Harper, who had a monster series, and a solo shot homer that tied the game late.  Then came the odd pitching choices from the bullpen, and a series of wild pitches that will live in Washington sports lore history. 

I will say this, there's no Washington curse, there's simply bad play and poor decisions.  The Washington Nationals failed the Washington Nationals, not some fairy tale curse.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Paul Pierce Delivers the Finger Poke of Doom to Joakim Noah

So pre-season NBA basketball is about as worthless as the NFL pre-season.  However, the Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls did manage to give us one bright... err entertaining moment on Monday night.

Apparently Washington D.C. can turn anyone into a tough guy as newly acquired wing
man Paul Pierce proved when he got into an altercation with long time Bulls center Joakim Noah.  What ensued was what Good Ol Jim Ross would call a slober knocker. Or something like that. 

Monday, October 06, 2014

Adrian Peterson Used Money From His Charity to Fund Orgy

When it rains, it pours.  That certainly is the case for Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who is the center of attention thanks to a scathing article in the Minnesota Star Tribune.  Also a special thanks goes out to our friends at Kissing Suzy Kolber for bringing this to our attention. 

According the piece in the Star Tribune the incident in question took place in 2011 just after Peterson signed his 7 $100 million contract. 

The 38-page police report details a night of drinking, arguing and sex that involved the running back, two relatives — including Peterson’s brother, a minor — and four women, in various pairs. One of those present, Chris Brown, a Peterson relative who lives with him in Eden Prairie, told police that he paid for the room using a company credit card for Peterson’s All Day, Inc.
As the night wore on, the report says, one woman who said she knew Peterson previously became upset when she saw him having sex with another woman. She started an argument that lasted at least an hour. According to the report, when she told him that she was “emotionally attached to him,” Peterson reminded her that he was engaged to another woman and had a baby.
The next day one of the women filed a police complaint that was investigated for months. Peterson insisted on his innocence and, at one point, arrived to provide evidence at police headquarters through a back door, his face shrouded by the hood of his sweatshirt.

Sadly this is not the first time a Minnesota Viking has gotten in trouble for a scandalous sex act.  Many of you will remember the sex cruise that featured a double dildo, and gave us some great quotes from Fred Smoot that still live on to this day. 

This is yet another chip in the once indestructible armor that Adrian Peterson once wore.  While he can certainly over come the orgy issue, if he was misusing funds from his charity he could find himself in a whole different world of hurt. 

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Game Day Eats: National Taco Day and NFL Sunday, Time to Celebrate

Here are Walker Sports we take our sports seriously and having  an amateur chef among our ranks, we take our food seriously as well.  That's why we are so excited to bring you our newest attraction Game Day Eats.  In this section we will tell you what we're grubbing on for NFL Sunday's Final Fours, Super Rugby Championship, and any other time we can bring food and sports into one spot. 

Hope you enjoy and feel free to share some of these recopies yourself.  

Since today is National Taco Day, we took on a full fledged taco theme for the day.  In addition, we took advantage of it being Sunday and having some extra time to cook so we made plenty of extra so we could have some food for the week to keep us going. 

Here's today's menu. 

Easy 4-ingredient Slow Cooker Tacos 
This one is crazy easy and super fun.  We made extra of this as it can be reused throughout the week for lunch.  Get the original recipe here.
A few notes, we used a Miller Lite for our beer because that was the most generic option in the beer fridge (it's fall so there's a lot of pumpkin inspired drinks currently in there). We also tossed in 1 diced jalapeno, some smoked paprika, a dash of cayenne pepper, and we served them with a bit of caso fresco.  Corn tortillas were for today but expect to see this chicken poured over brown rice with a dash of Tabasco for heat.  

Grilled Steak Tacos with with Cilantro Chimichurri Sauce
These were insanely good, and you can get the recipe for them here.  While we stuck close to the original recipe but of course we had to alter a few things to give it a Walker Sports kick.  Mainly we upped the jalapeno portion with two full peppers.  For the Chimihurri sauce we went with three limes for that extra bite to help brighten the meat.  We also chose to pass on the pickled veggie option.

That's what was going on here at the Walker Sports headquarters today.  A pretty straight forward but fun Sunday meal.  Throw in some fresh made salsa, fresh guacamole, and you got yourself one hell of a meal. 

Oh yeah, we washed it all down with a few hard ciders courtesy of Bold Rock Cider of Nelson 
County Va. 

As far as sports go, we found ourselves flipping between the Giants v. Falcons, Colts v. Ravens for the early games.  Being a DC based blog, we ignored the NFL's 4pm games in favor of watching the Baltimore Orioles sweep the Detroit Tigers.  We're finishing up the evening watching the Royals try to complete the sweep again the Angels.

Stay tuned, and we'll keep watching and cooking.   

Cowboys Forced to Use Silent Count Amid Rowdy Texan Fans

Let me begin by thanking Jay Busbee from Yahoo's Shutdown Corner for bringing this one to our attention.

On Sunday the Dallas Cowboys fought their way to their third victory of the season by knocking off the in-state rival the Houston Texans.  While there are plenty of questions to why it took overtime for the Cowboys to pick up the victory against the young Texans, one thing that certainly did not help the Dallas Cowboys was crowd noise.

According to several reports the Cowboys changed to a silent count during Sunday's game because the crowd noise was too much for them to maintain using their traditional signals.  This is a common practice while on the road but almost unheard of when a team is at their own stadium.  However, this is becoming a scary common occurrence for the Dallas Cowboys.

In week one many in the national media noted how loud AT&T Stadium was when the San Francisco 49'ers came to town and blew Dallas out of the building.  Even during a rout of the New Orleans Saints last weekend, the Saints faithful were heard loud and clear during the early part of the game.

This is a trend that has to make Cowboy's owner Jerry Jones uneasy.

Sure he built the most fantastic stadium in the history of football, that provides amenities that most never thought possible. But, while creating all that excess, Jones has priced the traditional Cowboys fan out of the building. Leaving hundreds of seats available to fans of other teams.  In today's NFL teams have fans all around the country and they are willing to see their team if the price is right.

The Cowboys are not the only NFL team facing this issue of losing home field advantage.  We've seen the Burgundy and Gold of D.C struggle to sell out Fed Ex field, and on certain nights, it's become an Eagles, or Steelers home away from home.

This makes us think could the issue be the excessive size of these stadiums?  Sure the Cowboys and Burgundy and Gold are not the hottest teams in football but they are respected franchises with dedicated fan bases.  In addition the past few seasons have not been that disastrous.  Fans are being priced out, and simply put more desperate fans as jumping in and finding reasons to make the game.

Katy Perry Celebrates Ole Miss Victory Over Alabama

Katy Perry was in Oxford Mississippi on Saturday, and she hung out with the ESPN Gameday crew.  She made a few picks for the weekend's games. Perry managed to hit on Oklahoma's starting quarterback, and in general she was being Katy Perry but in a sports environment which is not her normal habitat.

However, after Ole Miss pulled the upset at home, Perry found her footing, at one of the local watering holes where she was able to throw back a few cold ones and celebrate with fans. 

Take look at at how she celebrates the big win. 

Jaguars Mascot Makes Ebola Joke, Best Play of Jacksonville's Season

Jaxon De Ville, the Jags mascot has a difficult job.  There's not a lot to cheer about if you're a Jacksonville Jaguar's fan.  Sometimes he has to go outside the box to find ways to get fans on their feet and cheers.

Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jaxon De Ville decided to go with a bit of edgy comedy to get the fans attention.  His plan worked to a degree, but the attention he is currently receiving is not exactly what the Jags organization had in mind.

Yup that's Jax de Ville, Jacksonville's mascot making a joke about Ebola.  I give him credit for using topical material, but perhaps he should reconsider his audience.