Thursday, November 06, 2014

Adult Film Star Will Grant Favors to the Lakers

The LA Lakers are off to a historically bad start, and not just by their standards.  As of today, the Lakers are 0-5 and show no real signs of life, other than Kobe Bryant tossing up 37 shots last night, which is a feat in itself.

However, not everyone has jumped off the Lakers bandwagon.  They still have one super fan who is willing to go to any length to see her team succeed. 

Adult Film star Sadie Santana took to Twitter last night and made a bold claim, and one can only assume she is willing to back it up.

So that happened, and kudos to Sadie Santana for making sure she got her name out into the mainstream but tagging TMZ in the midst of offering up her lofty promise. 

So maybe that can motivate a few of the Lakers, but I think it may take a bit more than the excitement of oral favors to get this team over 47 wins. 

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Adrian Peterson Pleads No Contest

Finally a ruling has come down in the case of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson  on the charges of child abuse.  It appears that Peterson will plead no contest, and thus take a lesser charge and punishment.  

It looks like Peterson will face 80 hours of community service, and a hefty fine, but he will avoid jail time and a drawn out trial.  From a PR standpoint this is probably the best case scenario for the Vikings running back.  However, the overall damage to his image is already done.  

With the NFL trade deadline past, the major question becomes what will the Minnesota Vikings do with the ultra talented Peterson who is without a doubt damaged goods in the public's eyes.

Walker's Rants: Post All Blacks vs. US Eagles

It's been a wild week for us here at Walker Sports.  The majority of the staff traveled north to Chicago to check out the USA Eagles take on the New Zealand All Blacks, and what an event that was.

Live rugby in a full stadium trumps football any day. If only because even in a blowout game in the freezing cold, you're only outside for less than 2 hours...

Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones, cut from the same cloth...

Walking on a tightrope over 2 buildings in windy Chicago, is an  athletic feat, but it doesn't make you an athlete...

Proud of the Eagles and the 62,000 who stood tall in support on Saturday...

Can Mike London just be fired already?  

Kobe Bryant will not be traded, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't be traded...

The NFC East does not deserve a playoff spot...