Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Nats Toss Away Golden Opportunity and Lose Series to Giants

the 2014 season was supposed to be a special one for the Washington Nationals.  Best in the NL East, tops in the NL, and then it all came crashing down when the bats went silent during the NLDS.  The Giants held the Nats to a .179 batting average, I don't care how good your pitching staff is, it's tough to win games that way.

However, despite all that, the Nats still had a chance on Tuesday night thanks to Bryce Harper, who had a monster series, and a solo shot homer that tied the game late.  Then came the odd pitching choices from the bullpen, and a series of wild pitches that will live in Washington sports lore history. 

I will say this, there's no Washington curse, there's simply bad play and poor decisions.  The Washington Nationals failed the Washington Nationals, not some fairy tale curse.

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