Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Justin Brant Will Not Be Punish for Date with Porn Star Lisa Ann

In one of the stranger bits of news we get to cover here at Walker Sports, it appears that Notre Dame star Justin Brant has kindled a relationship with Lisa Ann, who you may know from her work in "Sexual Divas" or "MILFS Illustrated 2."

The couple was discovered after Ann posted a picture to her Instagram account, of the two at a Knicks game last week.  Making matters more scandalous, a picture of the two cuddled up in bed also hit the internet on Sunday, and has been making the rounds since then. 

Notre Dame being a good Catholic school has a conduct policy, that frowns upon premartial sexual relations.  More importantly, the image of Notre Dame, and it's famed football program typical frown upon their players stepping out with members from the adult film world, at least while they are still enrolled in school. 

However, Brant sat down with ND head coach Brian Kelly, and he told his side of the story. Either Kelly was proud, or simply did not care because he gave Brant the green light to suit up this weekend and play without worry.  Most likely this is due to the fact that outside of the two seeming very coozy there is no proof they have any sort of actual sexual relationship. 

One thing Justin Brant may want to watch out for is showing up court side to any NBA game no matter who is on his arm.  Look no further than Johnny Manzel to learn the NCAA tends to not like that, and you can find yourself under another bright light of scrutiny.  


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