Sunday, October 05, 2014

Jaguars Mascot Makes Ebola Joke, Best Play of Jacksonville's Season

Jaxon De Ville, the Jags mascot has a difficult job.  There's not a lot to cheer about if you're a Jacksonville Jaguar's fan.  Sometimes he has to go outside the box to find ways to get fans on their feet and cheers.

Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jaxon De Ville decided to go with a bit of edgy comedy to get the fans attention.  His plan worked to a degree, but the attention he is currently receiving is not exactly what the Jags organization had in mind.

Yup that's Jax de Ville, Jacksonville's mascot making a joke about Ebola.  I give him credit for using topical material, but perhaps he should reconsider his audience.

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