Sunday, October 05, 2014

Cowboys Forced to Use Silent Count Amid Rowdy Texan Fans

Let me begin by thanking Jay Busbee from Yahoo's Shutdown Corner for bringing this one to our attention.

On Sunday the Dallas Cowboys fought their way to their third victory of the season by knocking off the in-state rival the Houston Texans.  While there are plenty of questions to why it took overtime for the Cowboys to pick up the victory against the young Texans, one thing that certainly did not help the Dallas Cowboys was crowd noise.

According to several reports the Cowboys changed to a silent count during Sunday's game because the crowd noise was too much for them to maintain using their traditional signals.  This is a common practice while on the road but almost unheard of when a team is at their own stadium.  However, this is becoming a scary common occurrence for the Dallas Cowboys.

In week one many in the national media noted how loud AT&T Stadium was when the San Francisco 49'ers came to town and blew Dallas out of the building.  Even during a rout of the New Orleans Saints last weekend, the Saints faithful were heard loud and clear during the early part of the game.

This is a trend that has to make Cowboy's owner Jerry Jones uneasy.

Sure he built the most fantastic stadium in the history of football, that provides amenities that most never thought possible. But, while creating all that excess, Jones has priced the traditional Cowboys fan out of the building. Leaving hundreds of seats available to fans of other teams.  In today's NFL teams have fans all around the country and they are willing to see their team if the price is right.

The Cowboys are not the only NFL team facing this issue of losing home field advantage.  We've seen the Burgundy and Gold of D.C struggle to sell out Fed Ex field, and on certain nights, it's become an Eagles, or Steelers home away from home.

This makes us think could the issue be the excessive size of these stadiums?  Sure the Cowboys and Burgundy and Gold are not the hottest teams in football but they are respected franchises with dedicated fan bases.  In addition the past few seasons have not been that disastrous.  Fans are being priced out, and simply put more desperate fans as jumping in and finding reasons to make the game.

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