Friday, March 21, 2014

Penn State Rugby Players Charged with Arson

This story comes from Anna Orso of the Patriot News of central Pennsylvania, and we're still trying to wrap our head around everything that's going on.

Records show two PSU rugby players were charged with felony arson charges after causing $30,000 worth of damage to to a team shed.

The fire broke out on early in the morning of Jan. 14, near the rugby fields.  A shed housing some of the team's equipment was destroyed.  Christopher J. Petri of Brookyln and Sean R. Herbart from the U.K. were charged with setting the fire.

After further police investigation it's been revealed there's been discontent and a number of issues that have developed due to issues with the head coach, his coaching style and the overall current status of the PSU program.

This comes at an interesting time, and could help explain why a Director of Rugby position was recently posted for PSU over the winter.

Anna Orso's piece goes further in depth to explain the details behind the fire, and how the two charged were caught by the police.

In an era where schools doing their best to present rugby as a high level elite sport, and distance themselves from their drunken days of rugby past this is certainly a situation that will not be taken lightly.  In the last year we've seen Army lose their men's team (they're now reinstated) due to misconduct, and the Delaware was given the death penalty after a party got out of hand.  It will be interesting to see how Penn State handles this delicate situation.   

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