Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Matt Hawkins Names Eagles for Tokyo and Hong Kong 7's

We've seen a tremendous amount of change within the USA Men's 7's squad since they last took the field at Vegas 7's.  Carlin Isles and Folau Niua, are moving to, or currently in Glasgow and it appears that Shalom Suniula has left the program and is now plying his trade with Seattle Old Puget Sound, and as a result there are a few openings avail for Hawkins to fill.

Eagles Coach Matt Hawkins has turned to a mix of youth and experience to fill the holes on his roster.  Long time veteran Mike Palefau has returned to the squad, and youngster Mikey Te'o and WCAP player Marcus Satavu have entered the mix. 

These three will be joining veteran players Andrew Durutalo, Nick Edwards, Brett Thompson, and Zack Test, who have really anchored the team during the 2013/14 campaign.   The team is finished off with relative new comers Danny Barrett, Garrett Bender, Madison Hughes, Pono Haitsuka, and Ryan Matyas, all of whom have seem some limited action with the Eagles over the past few seasons, but are still looking to establish themselves.

The Eagles have arguably lost the best play makers over the last few months. Isles, Suniula, Enosa have all played the role of spark plug for the team in the past.  Now Hawkins will look to his youth movement to fill that void.  Mikey Te'o has been a stud on the domestic club scene, and he put on a great performance at the World Club Championships in August.  Madison Hughes has been the driving force behind a dominate Dartmouth program over the last three years.  Both young men have the talent to take over a game, but they will need to prove they can do it on the world stage.

Currently the Eagles are seven points ahead of Spain, and holding onto the last guaranteed spot on the World Series.  The upcoming two week stretch in Tokyo and Hong Kong will be vital for the Eagles to maintain their status.  Last year Hong Kong 7's proved to be the turning point for the Eagles season, and  Hawkins is hoping this will once again prove to be the case.

Squad: Danny Barrett, Garrett Bender, Andrew Durutalo, Nick Edwards, Pono Haituska, Madison Hughes, Ryan Matyas, Mike Palefau, Marcus Satavu, Mike Te'o, Zack Test, Brett Thompson

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