Wednesday, February 26, 2014

NFL Scouts Want to Meet Blake Bortles Girlfriend

Blake Bortles just wrapped up his workout at the NFL Combine, and while he did find with the on the field work, but it was the interview process that became interesting for Bortles. Right or wrong it's becoming normal for NFL scouts to ask about players girlfriends and private lives, and they wasted no time grilling Bortles about his girlfriend.

Bortles is dating Lindsey Duke, and she's become a bit of an internet sensation over the past few months thanks to some modeling shots she's taken. 

Where NFL scouts potentially crossed the line when questioning Bortles is when they asked if Lindsey Duke would join them for dinner if they came to Florida to meet with the quarterback.  This is according to an interview the UCF quarterback conducted with the Dan Patrick Radio Show.

Well can you blame a scout for wanting her to be present at dinner?

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