Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How Bad are the Florida Gators? Two Gator Linemen Block Each Other

Things have not gone well for the Florida Gators this season.  As a matter of fact, that may be an understand statement.  The Florida Gators are horrible.  There's little doubt head coach Will Muschamp will be fired soon after the final whistle of this weekend's game against top 2nd ranked Florida State.  That's the price you pay when you lose to Georgia Southern, at home.  A game where the Eagles failed to complete a pass, and yet the Gators still couldn't find a way to stop them. 

So you ask, how bad are things down in Gainesville?  Well video has emerged of two Florida offensive linemen blocking each other during a key play in Saturday's game.  We're not talking about two linemen bumping into each other, these guys dug in and were aggressively trying to block one another. 
To be fair, it may have been the best block thrown by a Gator lineman all day.  Too bad it was against their own team.

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