Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Matt Harvey Interview With Dan Patrick is Extremly Awkard, and One You Won't Forget

Matt Harvey gave the Mets and their fans plenty to cheer about this summer.  The younger hurler was lights out for most of the season. However, he was recently shut down due to an elbow injury that may require Tommy John Surgery. This would mean Harvey will miss all of next season as well.

Earlier today, Harvey called into a well listened radio program called The Dan Patrick Show, and host Dan Patrick was hoping to speak with Harvey about the injury and his plans for the future. Matt Harvey had other plans.

It appears Harvey is now the spokesperson for a phone company known as Qualcomm.  As it turns out Harvey is also very serious about his job as a spokesperson.  Qualcomm is the only topic he was willing to address, and he shot down Dan whenever he tried to approach the topic of baseball.  Needless to say things got awkard early in this conversation with Harvey's unwillingness to play along.

Even best interviewers know when it's time to hit the abort button.  Tough luck Danny.

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