Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lindenwood to Unveil Ugly Football Field

Ever since Boise State made the 'Smurf Turf" popular we have seen other small schools attempt to recreate the magic of a unique looking field and generate some publicity for their school.  However, what many of those schools forget is Boise State has a great football team that plays on top of that pretty blue turf.  Nonetheless, the attempts to grab attention have not ceased, and now Lindenwood University in Illinois have joined in on the fun, with an unforgettable field, that may take the cake as the ugliest football field.

Most of you don't know who Lindenwood University is, they are a NAIA school located in the mid-west, who is probably better known for their top ranked men's rugby program.  The 2012 season will be the schools first exposure to NAIA football, and they will be sure to leave an impression. But they will struggle for attention against this hideous striped field.

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