Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Warren Sapp New TV Gig

Warren Sapp has had a rough 2012.  First he outs Jeremy Shockey as the leak in the Saints BountyGate scandal. Which it seems he was horrible wrong about. Then Sapp was forced to file for bankruptcy.  An impressive feat when you consider the money he made as a player, and the fact that he has stared on two NFL related television shows since retirement. Finally to top everything off Sapp's contract with the NFL Network is set to expire in August, and amid all the controversies, it is possible he is not picked up for another contract. Needless to say, Warren Sapp could use a a pick-me-up in 2012.

According to sources, Sapp may have already found his turnaround venture for 2012.  All rise, for Judge Sapp.  That's right, Mr. Miami Hurricane is taking his vast knowledge of the civil court system and becoming a celebrity judge.  No worries, Sapp is not running for a true position as a judge, think of him more as a Judge Judy, expect nicer...most likely.

It seems that filming for Sapp's new series is already underway, and it could hit the air sometime in the fall.  One this is for sure, give the man an open mic and who knows what may come out.

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