Friday, December 17, 2010

Anthony Pettis Amazing Kick off the Cage

We like MMA here at Walker Sports and yes I know we did not discuss the GSP fight in the UFC last weekend frankly because while we like MMA we are far from experts and no one on staff can truly break down a fight. As a result we are relegated to showing flashy highlights and things we think are cool.

Tonight in the WEC we saw something that we thought was only possible in the Street Fighter II video game when using Vega. During his match Anthony Pettis uses the cage to catapult himself at his opponent and connects with an amazing kick. Now most of us thought using the cage for any advantage was illegal but perhaps even the rule makers within the WEC never envisioned a guy leaping off the cage ala a WWE wrestler using the top rope.

Without a doubt this is one of the sickest moves ever executed within the cage. Anthony Pettis has to be given credit for being that creative and that daring. There is plenty of risk involved when pouncing off of the side of a metal cage.


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