Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top WR Prospects in the NFL Draft

Continuing our preview of the top prospects available, we are looking at the receiver pool avail in this year's draft. As of right now, there are only a couple of guys who are true first round picks. However, as we all know a strong showing at the Combine could elevate any of these five guys into the first round. With Cincinnati, Chicago, Baltimore in the midst of looking for receivers there are plenty of available jobs for young receivers.

1) Dez Bryant Oklahoma State:
He may have sat out all of last season thanks to Dion Sanders, but that does not eliminate the fact that Dez Bryant can flat out play. Any rust he may have can be knocked off during training camp in the summer. He has the perfect size, great hands and despite the mishap last season, he has a great head on his shoulders. Bryant could go in the top ten.

2) Golden Tate Notre Dame:
Smaller than Dez Bryant but plenty of speed, and not afraid to go over the middle. Really the only thing keeping Tate from jumping to the top of this chart is his height at 5'11 it concerns some coaches. Shorter receivers have trouble catching high balls especially with so many tall CB's in the league.

3) Damian Williams USC: Williams has the most to gain from this year's combine. He has a solid build and good hands. In college he averaged 14.2 yards a punt return which shows he is versatile and should also translate into a good time in the shuttle run. The bottom line for Damian Williams is he needs to run a sub 4.5 second 40 yard dash and finish near or at the top of his groups for his physical test. If he can do that, the interviews will take care of himself and Williams can find himself flying up draft boards.

4) Brandon LaFell LSU:
For LeFell he will need to show great explosion. While 40 time should be fine, but the shuttle runs, and route running will come into question. Brandon LeFell has the ability to pass Damian Williams on this list, but cracking the top two would be very difficult.

5) Mardy Gilyard Cincinnati: Cincinnati had one high powered offense, while Tony Pike may have been the man tossing the ball around, who do you think was catching it? Gilyard is an interesting character, he possess great speed and good hands. However, the question remains was he a product of the Cincinnati system? If he can show good hands and route running ability at the Combine Mardy Gilyard will be able to secure his place in the mid-second round.

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