Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top QB Prospects in The NFL Draft

The NFL Combine is set to kick off in just a few days, and dozens of college football players and hundreds of scouts will flock to Indianapolis to find out who will be the next big thing in the NFL. The Combine has been known to make or break draft stocks, and guys have seen millions go down the drain thanks to a poor outing. Before the first 40 yard dash is run in Indy, check out our big boards and see how we are ranking guys. Let's start with the quarterbacks.

1) Sam Bradford Oklahoma
: The one time Heisman Trophy winner has the obvious shoulder issues to deal with. They sidelined him during his junior year, and until he learns to take a fall, they will continue to be an issue. That being said, Bradford is 6'5 just under 200 pounds and he has all the tools. Even though he will not throw at the Combine, his draft stock should be secure, and frankly if the shoulder is solid it will be difficult for anyone to pass him as the top quarterback available.

2) Jimmy Clausen Notre Dame: Clausen had an up and down career while attending Notre Dame, that could be attributed to any number of things that took place around him and the program. At the end of the day, Clausen got better over his three years in South Bend. That shows he's capable of learning and advancing his skills. The Washington Redskins have already mentioned Jimmy Clausen multiple times as being a quarterback for the future. Clausen has a big time arm, and is capable of making the deep throw. Another asset for him is he has three years in a pro style system as a result of playing for Charlie Weis.

3) Tony Pike Cincinnati:
Without a doubt Tony Pike has the most to gain from this years Combine. He will measure out at just over 6'5 making him the tallest quarterback available, an instant boast for his draft stock. He will also run a sub 5.0 40 yard dash time, and display great agility in shuttle run. Plainly put Tony Pike is a big mobile quarterback. With Clausen and Bradford not throwing in Indianapolis, Tony Pike becomes the top passer at the Combine. If he can display how accurate his arm really is (48 tds to 17 picks in 2 years) Tony Pike could find his draft stock rising in the same manor Joe Flacco did a few years back.

4) Dan LeFevour Central Michigan: The Central Michigan quarterback threw bombs and touchdown. Dan LeFevour broke plenty of records while playing at Central Michigan. At 6'3 he's slightly bigger than what many thought, which is good for him. The biggest question surround LeFevour is his footwork. Like many quarterbacks now days LeFevour played in a spread offense in college and took the majority of his snaps coming out of the shotgun. If will need to prove he can accurately read a defense when dropping from under center.

5) Tim Tebow Florida:
No one has been talked about more before stepping foot into the arena in Indianapolis than Tim Tebow. Yesterday we showed video of Tebow's reworked throwing motion, this could be a big step in helping Tebow to jump up GM's draft boards. However, he will not throw in Indianapolis. He will continue to work on his new motion and debut his new throwing motion at his pro day in Gainsville. In the end, Tim Tebow is the best overall athlete at the quarterback position. He is the most decorated college football player ever. If he can master this new throwing motion and adjust to throwing from under center, then the sky is the limit for how high his draft stock can soar.

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