Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Top Offensive Line Prospects in the NFL Draft

As usual the offensive linemen are the overlooked bunch on the field. This is definitely evident at the NFL Combine. It's hard to duplicate what these guys do with simple drills. They look horrible when running the 40 yard dash, and even on the Bench Press they can be outdone by a linebacker or a powerful defensive linemen. Nonetheless, drafting a quality offensive lineman can change the future of an NFL franchise. Here are this year's top offensive linemen entering the NFL Combine.

1) Russell Okung Oklahoma State: Like every year, the top offensive lineman in the draft is up for debate. However, right now Russell Okung is proving to be the most polished lineman available. He has great footwork and the versatility to step in at right tackle and anchor any offensive line.

2) Mike Iupati Idaho: This is one big bad nasty guard. Mike Iupati has the ability to be a throwback style player. Quick enough to be a great pulling guard and a mean streak in him that enables him to get down field and finish off blocks.

3) Trent Williams Oklahoma:
Trent Williams may be the quickest offensive lineman in this year's NFL combine. The knock on him would be at 290 pounds he is a bit undersized. His footwork will be all important during the Combine. If he can prove he has exceptional football and can put himself in the right position then scouts will be able to forget what he lacks in size.

4) Anthony Davis Rutgers: It was not too long ago that Anthony Davis was at the top of many draft boards. His performance during practices at the Senior Bowl have caused him to fall. Mainly it was his footwork. Anthony Davis had trouble adjusting and changing directions. This made him a liability against many of the speed rushers he faced.

5) Vladimir Ducasse Massachusetts: Vladimir may have the most to gain from this year's combine. Because he played at UMass the questions are obvious about how he will perform against elite competition. He needs to show he can keep up with the top defensive players available, and prove he belongs on an NFL roster. A good run at the combine and Vladimir can find himself climbing multiple draft boards.


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