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NFL Mock Draft: Post Senior Bowl and Feeling Adventurous

The Senior Bowl went off Saturday without a hitch, and of course the talk was dominated by Tim Tebow. However, there's plenty more to talk about when it comes to the 2010 NFL Draft. In this mock draft, we are taking in consideration what we saw at the senior bowl, and thinking a little outside of the box. It only takes one team to be a little adventurous to shake up an entire draft.

St. Louis Rams Sam Bradford QB:
Yes, Ndamkon Suh is the best player in the NFL Draft. I won't even begin to question that. However, Mark Bulger has been completely unreliable for the Rams for the past three seasons. They have to begin rebuilding their backfield at some point. If his shoulder is healthy Bradford has the prototypical quarterback body and he can make all the throws.

Detroit Lions Ndamukon Suh DT: If Suh drops there is no way the Lions let him fall any farther. This is a once in a lifetime type of athlete no way you pass him up.

Tampa Bay Bucs Gerald McCoy DT: Despite all the changes, the Bucs still are a defensive team at heart. Gerald McCoy may not have the hype of Ndamuon Suh, but he has all the potential to be just as great. Drafting McCoy gives the Bucs an anchor in the middle of their line.

Washington Redskins Jimmy Clausen QB: Mike Shanahan has arrived in Washington DC and he needs to put his mark on the Washington Redskins. The first step comes when he brings in his own quarterback to groom and mold into the athlete he wants. It also helps that Redskins owner Dan Snyder began scouting Clausen back in October.

Kansas City Russell Okung OT: Drafting Russell Okung opens a few possibilities for the Chiefs. They can move former first round pick Brandon Albert back to his natural position of guard and let Okung play tackle, or they can have two bookend tackles.

Seattle Seahawks Eric Berry: This is Pete Carroll's first draft with the Seahawks, and he can do pretty much anything he wants with this pick. While a quarterback is needed, Carroll appreciates what a good defense can do for a team. This is why he will take the best available pic in Eric Berry.

Cleaveland Browns Joe Haden CB: Haden may have the best all around talent of any corner coming out this year. Sure Cleveland has a pair of young corners in house already, but talent like Joe Haden is hard to pass up.

Oakland Raiders Bruce Campbell OT: The big tackle is shooting up the draft boards. He has a big body but maintains great footwork. Current Raiders coach Tom Cable would love to have a project lineman to work with, and Campbell provides that.

Buffalo Bills Anthony Davis OT: Although Davis is seen as more of a project than a lock, his upside is huge. Also a tackle at this position will help to keep cost down, which is something the Bills love.

Jacksonville Jaguars Rolando McClain LB: With Tebow out of the picture, the man who terrorized The Chosen one in the SEC Championship game is once again available. Rolando McClain is considered the smartest defensive player Nick Saban has ever coached. That is a huge compliment considering the complexity of his defenses. There is no doubt McClain will be able to slot right into the Jacksonville defense and make and impact.

Denver Broncos Dez Bryant WR: Brandon Marshall will not be a Bronco next season. It's a miracle he lasted in Denver as long as he did this year. Dez Bryant was screwed out of his last season at Oklahoma State. He hasn't played in almost a year and he is ready to show why he was one of the best wide outs in 2008.

Miami Dolphins Dan Williams DT: This man is an anchor in every way possible. Think of what Albert Haynesworth is when he actually tries. That what you get with Williams. The Dolphins could use a wide out and if Bryant were to fall they'd take him, but if he does not there are plenty of others available in the later rounds.

San Francisco 49'ers CJ Spiller RB: The 49'ers have a workhorse back in Frank Gore, but he is wearing down as he gets older. Spiller also provides a home run threat that San Francisco does not currently have.

Seattle Seahawks: Dereck Morgan RB: Continuing with his defensive rebuilding trend, Pete Carroll finds a versatile end in Morgan who can get up field and put pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

New York Giants Brian Price DT: What the Giants really need is a middle linebacker but there is not one available at this position. I could the Giants trying to move this pick or bundle it. Who knows exactly.

Tennessee Titians Jason Pierre-Paul DE: The Titians defense did not have its bite this past season. There is no doubt, they are missing a solidified pass rush.

San Francisco 49'ers Bryan Bulaga OT: No point in having great running backs if you don't give them some solid linemen to run behind. Bulaga fills a massive hole the 9'ers have at right tackle.

Pittsburgh Steelers Earl Thomas CB/S: The Pittsburgh Steelers have a glaring hole in their secondary. Sure Troy can still play, but when he went down last season with a knee injury the Pittsburgh defense never recovered. Earl Thomas is athletic enough to play corner and step in at safety should the need arise.

Atlanta Falcons Donovan Warren CB: The Falcons struggled defending the deep ball last season. Donovan Warren has all the potential to become a lock down corner back.

Houston Texans Taylor Mays S: It's fairly obvious the Texans need to sure up their defense. They failed to make stops when they needed them most. Mays has all the physical tools to be a great safety, its just a mater of can he bring it out?

Cincinnati Bengals Jermaine Gresham TE: Ignore the fact that Gresham was injured all of last season. The kid can play. Add him into the mix of Ocho Cinco and possibly Brandon Marshall and you have a passing attack that will scare even the strongest secondary.

New England Patriots Everson Griffen DE: He's out of the Pete Carroll system and he can play defensive end or linebacker. The perfect fit for Belichick.

Green Bay Packers Charles Brown OT: Anyone who saw Jared Allen reek havoc in the Packers backfield last season knows Green Bay needs help on the offensive line. It will not take long before Charles Brown is replacing the veteran Chad Clifton.

Philadelphia Eagles Carlos Dunlap DE: The Florida Gator is one of the great pass rushers available. He has had some off the field issues, but Andy Reid has proven he can handle the rough cases.

Baltimore Ravens Syd'Quan Thompson DB: It's a typical story, the Ravens need a receiver, and they will once again elect to pass on one in favor of defense. At least somethings are consistent in the NFL.

Arizona Cardinals Sergio Kindle OLB: Did you see the Cardinals two playoff games? They need all the help they can get on defense.

Dallas Cowboys Mike Iupati OT: The Cowboys offensive line is getting older by the minute, and they have to take steps to get young. Mike Iupati may not be ready to start right now, but he has time to learn.

San Diego Chargers Terrence Cody DT: This is a mountain of a man at 375 pounds. If the Chargers stick him in the middle of their line, it will take a stick of dynamite to blast him out of there.

New York Jets Perrish Cox CB: Stick anyone on the other side of Revis and they will get a chance to make plays. A lot of young players would shy away from that challenge, but Perrish will not.

Minnesota Vikings Jared Odrick DT: It looks like Brett Favre may not be the only old man leaving Minnesota. Defensive tackle Pat Williams is talking retirement as well. Restocking with Jared Odrick insures they Vikings will not miss much.

New Orleans Saints Ricky Sapp OLB: Sapp would be a welcome addition to play along side Jonathon Vilma.

Indianapolis Colts Jerry Hughs DE: Undersized and quick. It's the defensive player the Colts love.

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