Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Darrell Green Runs a Blazzing 40- Yard Dash, at 50

Darrell Green is in the NFL Hall of Fame, his 20 year NFL career (all with the Redskins) is nothing short of amazing. While he was never the flashy corner like counter parts Dion Sanders, Green was every bit as talented. In his prime, through the 1980's and mid 1990's no quarterback threw in Green's direction. He was too quick and too fast, and always seemed to get the jump on routes. No receiver could run fast enough to stretch the field and get behind him.

At the age of 40, Darrell Green was wrapping up his hall of fame career with the Redskins, he promptly celebrated his 40th birthday by running a 4.3 second forty yard dash time at Redskins park. Extremely impressive.

Now it seems that Darrell Green has outdone himself once again. According to his Twitter account the speedster still has wheels. Green recently turned 50 years old. To celebrate the day, he went to an area track to run the 40-yard dash. The result? 4.43 seconds, yeah that's right he's still blazing fast.

With the combine just around the corner there will be plenty of talk about 40 yard dash times, the bulk of the skills players in Indianapolis will do their best to record times in the low 4.4 second range. Darrell Green is 50, and still has it. Happy Birthday Mr. Green.

Check out these three quotes from Darrell Greens Twitter account.

Quick update from the Birthday Boy:) I think today I became the fastest 50 year old in the world! @9AM today, I celebrated my 50th BDay.....

By running the 40 yard dash in Orlando, Florida in a time of 4.43! FYI, all born between 1946 -1964 are baby boomers...

I'm guessing that makes me the fastest baby boomer! I would say, thats really booming. Are you?

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