Friday, February 26, 2010

Canada Women's Hockey Team Celebrates Gold

It's not often we take time out to celebrate Canada for anything here at Walker Sports. Frankly, because we don't care a lot about our neighbors to the north. However, last night the Canada Women's hockey team stepped up to the plate and knocked off the US Women's team to earn gold at the 2010 Olympics. While that is impressive and great for Canada's hockey program what was most impressive was the way they celebrated the victory.

After the fans left the arena the Canadians came onto the ice to take a team photo with their medals, and they decided to bring the celebration with them. At that point the photographers in attendance got a few clips of the Canada Hockey team swigging beer, popping champagne and enjoying a good time.

Here at Walker Sports we are all about that. To the winner goes the spoils. The Canadian team won the Gold in their home country and they deserved the right to celebrate how they wanted to. However, many feel the team took their actions too far. The IOC cited the issue saying their behavior was not becoming of an Olympic athlete.

We disagree, the IOC did not have a problem with Olympic athletes celebrating. They had a problem with women behaving in this manor. If the Canadian Men's Hockey team wins goal and decides to have a few beers and cigars on the ice, it would be considered heroic. But since it was a group of women who came out and frankly celebrated like men, now everyone is up in arms. It's a shame.

They won, and deserve the right to celebrate, that's part of sports. They were not in the faces of their opponents they were not taunting anyone. Hell it was a basically empty arena, let them have a beer, pop a few bottles and enjoy a cigar. They earned it.

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