Sunday, February 28, 2010

2010 NFL Combine: Top 40 Yard Dash Times from the First Two Days

The 2010 NFL Combine is in full swing out in Indianapolis Indiana, and the top college football players in the nation are doing their best to impress future employers in what can be described as the World's largest interview. So far all the offensive players have gone through their drills. Here we are talking about the receivers, quarterbacks, and runningbacks. Take a look at the top performers so far.

40-Yard Dash Times
Brown, Jarrett4.54
LeFevour, Dan4.66
Robinson, Zac4.71
Tebow, Tim 4.72
McCoy, Colt 4.79
Lewis, Thaddeus4.84
Skelton, John4.85
Hall, Max4.87

Running Backs
Best, Jahvid4.35
Spiller, C.J.4.37
Tate, Ben4.43
Mathews, Ryan4.45
McKnight, Joe4.47
Hardesty, Montario4.49
Starks, James 4.50
Miller, Lonyae4.53
McNeal, Shawnbrey4.56
McCluster, Dexter4.58
Wide Receivers
Ford, Jacoby 4.28
Price, Taylor 4.41
Sanders, Emmanuel4.41
Tate, Golden4.42
Banks, Brandon4.43
Williams, Kyle4.43
Easley, Marcus4.46
Roberts, Andre4.46
Long, Brandon4.46
Mitchell, Carlton4.49

Tight Ends

Dickerson, Dorin4.40
Graham, Jimmy4.56
Dickson, Ed4.67
Harbor, Clay4.69
Moeaki, Tony4.69
Quarless, Andrew4.69

Offensive Linemen
Campbell, Bruce4.85
Williams, Trent4.88
Newhouse, Marshall5.00
Veldheer, Jared5.09
Smith, Shelley5.11
Capers, Selvish5.14
Jerry, John5.15
Brooks, Dorian5.16
Tennant, Matt5.16
Degeare, Chris5.16


Holliday, Trindon4.34


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